Sale & Licensing

It is possible to apply for licensing of cartoons featured on this site, be it for the purpose of non-profit education, personal giftmaking, a website (forum, blog, social network, web publication), a presentation, print (newsletters, books, magazines, non profit print, magazine, catalogue or brochure, newspaper, advertising, marketing, greeting cards, etc.) or personal use. In the order form, please be as detailed as possible concerning the intended purpose of the licensing.

All sales consist of the original cartoon drawings. To enquire about availability and price of the original artwork, please contact us with the order numbers for the image(s) via the order form. We will recontact you (usually on the same business day) to confirm and complete the order if you wish to proceed.

It is possible to get an artwork redrawn. Please use the order form to contact us for details.

It is possible to commision an artwork from Geoff Thompson. Please contact him here to discuss the details.